Traditional food from Cordoba [Argentina]

You know when you hear people mention something, say a kind of fruit, that you had no idea existed? That’s what happened to me with cuaresmillos, the Shangri-La of candied fruit for me. I had heard family members praise these little peaches but never seen or eaten them until recently. I was visiting historic buildings in the city of Cordoba by myself. At lunchtime, I chose a restaurant that looked inviting and served traditional dishes.

I read the menu and did a double take. They served cuaresmillos for dessert! I ate a delicious empanada and some locro, a hearty white corn, pumpkin, white bean and meats stew. To cap a very tasty lunch off, I had these little sweet candied peaches with quesillo, a traditional homemade cow’s milk cheese, the perfect accompaniment because it cuts the fruit’s sweetness. They were delicious.

I wanted to buy some to bring back with me because they are not available in many places. I had to hunt high and low for a couple of jars. Not many locals knew what they were, which shocked me. I thought they were popular in Córdoba!

A traditional cuisine that is famous in Cordoba, other than traditional Argentinean, is German cuisine. Many German, Swiss and Austrian immigrants settled in the hills and their descendants keep their traditions alive. Villa General Belgrano and La Cumbrecita are two picture-perfect villages where one can eat sauerkraut, wursts, strudel and drink beer to one’s heart’s content all year round. I was there twice, in winter and in summer and I enjoyed both visits very much. The food is generally locally sourced and made on the premises and it’s good. Very good.

An overview of some traditional foods from the province of Cordoba, in the heart of Argentina: cuaresmillos, colaciones, and much more #food #Argentina
An assortment of German-style meats and sauerkraut (called chucrut here)

We Argentineans have a sweet tooth, no doubt about it. Cordoba is known for its sweets too. One delicious treat is the colación, a crispy pastry filled with dulce de leche and topped with lemon glaze. I never leave Córdoba without a box of alfajores. They are similar to sandwich cookies or whoopie pies but the pastry is more firm. They can be filled with dulce de leche or fruit preserves and are covered in glaze. Delicious with a cup of coffee or mate.

An overview of some traditional foods from the province of Cordoba, in the heart of Argentina: cuaresmillos, colaciones, and much more #food #Argentina
Colaciones and mate, a match made in heaven

Photo courtesy of Diana. P. Gemelli from Je cuisine donc je suis. Gracias!

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8 thoughts on “Traditional food from Cordoba [Argentina]

  1. Casi la boca se me hace agua al “oír”todo esto…..
    Years and years ago , I tasted all this , so I’m nostalgic…..
    Felices fiestas , querida Ana, y gracias por compartir!


  2. Hey! I’ve found this interesting note u wrote in pinterest, and I’m very glad I did. I’m from córdoba, I’ve lived here my entire life and it’s so nice to read someone Who enjoy and love my home like I do. Hope u can continue knowing our córdoba, it’s truly beatiful and without doubt that u Will meeting amazing places here.


  3. Hi Ana….We are going to Argentina for a month late Feb. We will be in BA, Córdoba, General Belgrano and who knows where else. Anyway I will remember much if the advice you have given on these places over the last couple years.
    Wishing you and your husband Happy Thanksgiving and Felix

    Sharon Fada


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