Kolaches, Czech pastries with a Texan twist

When I visit my parents in Argentina, one of my favourite Sunday rituals is to laze the morning away with a tray of facturas (Argentinean pastries), a steaming cup of café con leche and the newspaper. There aren’t many similar pastries in Dallas, where I now live, but the closest thing I’ve found are kolaches.

I first tried kolaches when we visited the town of West in central Texas. West is the epicenter of the Czech heritage, especially their culinary tradition. We have been known to make a detour just to eat lunch at one of the local restaurants. And, of course, one of the local specialties is kolaches. After a delicious lunch of goulash and stuffed cabbage leaves, we took a stroll and found a bakery. We were lured in by the sweet smell and decided to try their kolaches.

We do not need to drive one and a half hours to get our kolach fix. Luckily, there are a handful of kolache bakeries dotted around Dallas.

A view of the town of West in central Texas, a blend of cultures indeed.
A view of the town of West in central Texas, a blend of cultures indeed.

So, what is a kolach? It’s a type of semisweet supple pastry, with a slightly yeasty aftertaste, topped with a dollop of fruit jam or cream cheese and jam. There are also savoury kolaches with fillings like jalapeno sausage or cheese (or both). They go down a treat with a cup of coffee.

I generally eat the center first and then dunk the pillowy pastry in my coffee. I love the contrasts: hot and cold, sweet and bitter. If you’re curious about kolaches, hit the Texas Kolache Trail or Westfest, a celebration of all things Czech that takes place in West on Labour Day weekend at the beginning of September.

West is located about 90 miles south of Dallas, straight down Interstate 35 South, or 200 miles north of Houston on TX 6 North.

6 thoughts on “Kolaches, Czech pastries with a Texan twist

  1. You are completely right, Ana! And, as a matter of facts, these afternoon we had our tea in front of a dish full of “facturas”, while we were watching the rain outside…

    And about the picture of the Texan shop, I cannot believe how that line of houses resembles sooo much to cowboy westerns in the movies! Amazing!

    Keep well and all the best,


    1. Hi there! Sometimes I think I live on a film set, some places are exactly like what you see in movies.
      Enjoy your facturas (I’m jealous!)


  2. While recalling my beloved Argentinean “facturas”, I was attracted by your picture ….How is it like to live in a western-film-like scenery?
    I love your post , Ana!


    1. Haha! Thanks! The big cities are nothing like this and I live in a big city. We like going round visiting these small towns, they are a treat!


  3. That sounds delicious. I’ll have to search around Atlanta and see if I can find any around here!


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