Roadside attractions: Spur, Texas

Elaine from Carpe Diem Travel is hosting the Travel Photo Roulette #125 photo contest. This month’s theme is roadside attractions. I instantly thought of the town of Spur, Texas, and its giant spur.


Roadside attractions: Spur, Texas

Spur is located in west Texas, off State Highway 70, in the middle of nowhere, I mean, vast open prairies. The town was established on land acquired from the ranch owned by La Espuela (Spur) Land and Cattle Co. Ltd. of London. The ranch was broken up in 1907 and the sale of the plots opened to the public in November 1909. The town was incorporated in 1911. The 2010 Census shows a population of 1,318.

Spur TX 5

Spur is indeed tiny. A city council resolution of 2014 declared Spur the first tiny house friendly town in the country.

Spur celebrated its centennial with a giant spur sculpture located in Dyess Park, off Highway 70. We took a detour on one of our road trips round west Texas just to see this giant spur, one of the most exciting roadside attractions I’ve seen. OK, maybe the Oatmeal sign gives it a run for its money. We got out of the car, looked around, posed in front of the espuela gigante, took a short stroll around downtown and pushed on to Abilene.

Roadside attractions: Spur, Texas

For such a small town, Spur has many giant attractions, like the murals that cover big walls with dinosaurs and country scenes.

Other roadside attractions include nodding donkeys and cattle.

Roadside attractions: Spur, Texas

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