Where to eat in the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is a vast region that comprises many towns, big and small. We love exploring this area because we find a few gems every time. This trip we used the food and drink recommendations from Google Maps and had wonderful comfort food.

Although the area has a number of deservedly famous barbecue places, we did not have a single rib or morsel of brisket. We’ll save that for another road trip.

San Saba

Eat Hill Country  Texas

Pepperbelly’s is a Mexican restaurant located across from the town hall. We had fresh salsa and salty tortillas, and tasty tacos and quesadillas. Unlike most establishments, it closes late, at 9 pm.

Oliver & Co is a modern café located next to the Dofflemyer Hotel. We had a wonderfully hearty breakfast of creamy oatmeal, coffee, Bundt cake and delicious migas. Since San Saba styles itself as the “pecan capital of the world “, Oliver & Co offers pecans galore for sale: fresh, salted, roasted, coated in chocolate and every imaginable combination.

Eat Hill Country  Texas


Eat Hill Country  Texas

Eve’s Café specializes in schnitzels. They are absolutely delicious. I had mine with sour cream and mushroom gravy, spatzel and red cabbage. Their homemade cheesecake is amazing. I highly recommend this place! It closes on Sundays.

Eat Hill Country  Texas


The Florence Diner is a homey little place that serves up amazing comfort food. We had chicken fried steak with ribbon potatoes (thinly cut like ribbons and deep fried) with delicious white gravy and the hamburger steak with onions and mushrooms, almost like a Salisbury steak, with brown gravy and said potatoes. It was well worth the drive!

Eat Hill Country  Texas

Round Rock

We revisited an old favorite, Jack Allen’s.

I hope this helps you plan your own road trip around the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country offers many cafes and restaurants serving up excellent food. Let me share a few places we enjoyed very much.

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